Office DSL

Businesses looking for enterprise grade internet and voice services without the large costs of fiber offerings, now have the choice with our DSL Office solution.


The NG Communications DSL Office provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint functionality with private and secure transmissions. Ethernet Service is optimal for the cost conscious and is a technology that meets the needs of remote offices, small offices and medium-sized offices. With Ethernet, business customers can run the latest IP applications between multiple points on their networks.


  • Internet and Telephony combined in one affordable solution
  • High performance and reliability
  • Bonded services available for faster speeds
  • Connect multiple office locations to your central HQ network
  • Use our IP VPN solution to increase security even more


DSL Office is a cost-effective and functionally efficient internet and voice solution for remote locations.

We guarantee 99.9% successful transmission of all data packets sent to and from your location.

Cost savings, no expenses related to infrastructure, small investment expenses even with multiple locations. Complete equipment lease.

Enhance DSL Office further with our IP VPN and Hosted IP PABX solutions.

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