SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking allows your business to combine voice, data and internet over an IP connection using your existing phone system, or our Hosted IP PABX phone system.

Cost Savings

In addition, our costs are typically 40 to 70% lower than that of a traditional telecom operator. With SIP trunks, we eliminate the need for costly facilities based circuits, and we simply deliver your service across your existing broadband connection, further increasing your savings.


  • Widely used, Open Standard SIP protocol
  • Fail-Over and Load Balance Routing
  • Local Number Portability in 20 countries
  • Fast Service Activation
  • Flexible Caller ID
  • Online Number and Trunk Management


The NG Communications SIP Trunking solution provides customers with a flexible and affordable Voice over IP telephone service.

Costs can be controlled beforehand, and there are no high monthly fees.

The customer can view call statistics through our customer portal.

Access to geographic and free phone numbers in more than 20 countries.

Our Hosted IP PABX solution allows the customer to have all the functionality of a traditional PABX, and none of the high upfront costs.

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