Our conferencing solution is a simple and cost efficient dedicated voice conferencing facility. It offers customers further cost savings and productivity benefits. It's a way for customers to host conference calls supporting up to 10 members per conference, with the ability to hold multiple simultaneous conferences. Administration is delivered via the customer portal and access numbers are available in major European countries and the US.

Usage and Features

Via our customer portal, customers can setup a conference within minutes.

Conference numbers can be chosen based on:

  • Dedicated geographic numbers in more than 40 countries, fixed price per number
  • NG Communications Conference numbers in combination with a conference pin code
  • 0800 numbers in 20 countries, fixed price per number and cost per minute


The NG Communications Conference solution provides customers with an easy, flexible and affordable conferencing service.

Costs can be controlled beforehand and, except for 0800 numbers, there are no per minute fees. The customer has full control over their conference through our customer portal, including a myriad of features. Access to geographic and free phone numbers in more than 20 countries. No expensive travel costs.

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